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Copy Trading

Am I permitted to use a copy trading software?

Updated over a week ago

Does Rocket 21 Allow Copy Trading?

Rocket21 Challenge

No, we do not allow copy trading on our standard Rocket21 Challenge Accounts (Regular and Swing). All trades on Standard Rocket 21 accounts must be placed manually by the trader who is named on the account.

Violation of this will forfeit any challenge and simulated funded accounts. It is essential that all traders understand this policy to ensure the integrity of their accounts and adhere to all applicable rules.

Apollo 11 Challenge

You're allowed to use your Apollo 11 account as a master account, giving you the capacity to duplicate trades into your personal account or another proprietary trading account.

  • You're also allowed to mirror trades from your personal accounts to your Apollo 11 account.

  • Traders are allowed to copy to, and between, their own Apollo 11 Accounts

However, replicating trades to other individuals' accounts is strictly prohibited.

Please bear in mind that if you're replicating trades from an external account into an Apollo 11 account, those trades must be initiated by the owner of the Apollo 11 account.

Utilizing any form of trade copying service, account management, or "pass your challenge" services is deemed as a violation and will be dealt with accordingly.

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