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What are Rocket 21 competitions?
What are Rocket 21 competitions?

Registration Guidelines and Rules for Rocket 21 Competitions

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Please Note: We will not be organizing Competitions in the month of April, 2024.


Rocket 21 competitions are a free opportunity for everyone to participate in a monthly challenge and be one of winners who earn prizes. Every trader is allowed to participate in the competitions each month.


The rules for competitions are the following:

  • You may only have one registered account through one email address and one IP address; if you register multiple accounts you will be immediately disqualified.

  • Virtual 5% Max Daily Drawdown, this is calculated based on the initial balance. For a $100k demo account, the virtual daily drawdown will always be $5k. This is then subtracted from the daily starting virtual balance or simulated equity (whichever is higher) at the start of a new day at 5 p.m. EST.

  • Virtual 10% Max Total Drawdown based on the initial demo account starting balance

  • 5 Minimum simulated Trading Days.

  • No taking advantage of unrealistic fills in the demo environment.

  • EA's are not allowed.

Becoming Disqualified (DQ)

If your account is not active for more than 14 days, it will expire and disqualify the trader from the competition. If this occurs, you will not be able to participate in the current competition but you are welcome to join the following month's competition.

If a user does not log into their account for 30 consecutive days, it will be automatically expired by the broker. To keep the account active and prevent expiration, users must ensure they log in within 30 days.

How to Register

Every month, a new competition begins, lasts the entire month. Please note that in order to register for a competition, you must first create a profile on the Rocket21 website. Once you have registered on the main website, you will need to access the user dashboard and go to the "Competitions" section and click on "Register".

Claiming Your Prize as a Competition Winner

If you emerge as a competition winner, a representative from our Support Team will contact you via email to facilitate your prize.

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