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Virtual Max Overall Drawdown (Challenge Accounts)
Virtual Max Overall Drawdown (Challenge Accounts)

What is the Virtual Max Overall Drawdown and how does it work?

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Virtual Max Overall Drawdown | 10%

The maximum virtual total drawdown is 10%. Therefore, the simulated equity of the account must not fall below 90% of the initial demo account balance both for open and closed positions, including simulated commissions and simulated swaps.

For example, if you have an initial virtual balance of $100,000.00 virtual funds, your virtual Max Overall Drawdown limit would be $10,000.00. Meaning that your account's simulated equity would not be allowed to go below $90,000.00.

Note: Violating the virtual Max Overall Drawdown rule will result in the termination of your trading account and you will not be eligible to move forward in the program with that account. Virtual Max Overall Drawdown considers open and closed trades.

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