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Trading Restrictions

Are there restrictions on my trading style?

Updated over a week ago


There are no restrictions on trading style and the actual trading strategy you choose during the demo challenge is completely up to you. Of course, any trading styles that are deemed as "cheating" are not permitted and will result in a violation of our Terms of Service. This includes any style of demo account trading that would not result in profits in the real market or would not be possible in real market trading conditions.

For example, hedging trades between accounts or setting an unrealistic execution price in the demo environment due to a news event causing volatility in the market would be considered "cheating" and be a violation. For more information on strategies that may be deemed unrealistic in the demo environment, please see the Rules to keep in mind FAQ below

Below are some examples of prohibited trading:

  • Guaranteed limit orders

  • Use of data freeze

  • Use of a delayed data feed

  • Data feed manipulation

  • Trading on delayed charts

  • Grid Trading

  • Trading during significant macroeconomic reports and being filled at an unrealistic price due to the volatility.

  • Martingale Trading

  • Hedging between accounts

  • Signal trading

  • Reverse arbitrage

  • Account management

  • Latency arbitrage

  • High-frequency trading

  • Tick scalping

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