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If I am a competition winner, how and when do I receive my prize?
If I am a competition winner, how and when do I receive my prize?

Receiving your prize as a competition winner

Updated over a week ago

Competition Winners

At Rocket21, we hold competitions for traders on a regular basis. Once competitions have ended, our Support Team analyzes the performance of each trader, and the top 10 trader profiles are identified based on the achievement of predetermined criteria. These trader profiles are then announced to the community as the competition winners.

We understand that winning competitions is exciting, and we make it a priority to reach out directly to the winning traders to inform them of their success. On top of the recognition they get through our community announcement, they also receive an email from us with their prize. Please do not reach out to our Support Team directly due to the volume of enquiries we receive during this time.

Knowing that your hard work has paid off and you are receiving rewards for success is a great incentive for self-motivation. With every competition we hold, Rocket21 is supporting every trader in our community to strive for excellence.

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