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Can I scale my account if I keep my trading results consistent?

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Our aim is to recognize and reward traders who consistently demonstrate profitability. To achieve this, we offer a scaling plan designed to empower skilled traders with increased capital, enabling them to optimize their results. The process of account scaling is automatic and occurs exclusively during withdrawal requests. It's important to note that scaling is processed only when the account balance matches the initial balance, ensuring accuracy in the scaling procedure.


First, the trader will have to trade for at least three months, in which they must:

  • Make at least 8% simulated net profit in three consecutive monthly cycles to qualify for a capital increase (i.e., an average of at least ~2.67% simulated net profit each month in a typical account type).

  • Throughout the three-month period, process at least two profit splits.

  • Trader’s demo account balance must be higher than the beginning account amount (in profit). This way, when processing the scaling, we will first process your simulated profit split (demo account balance will now be equal to starting balance), then proceed with applying your initial balance increase.


If the trader meets the account growth rules and the two payments are finalized after the three months, he will be eligible for an increase of the demo capital by 25% of the initial demo account balance on the Rocket 21 Account. The amount of demo capital that may be added to a trader’s account is limited to $2 million virtual currency per trader.

Remember that the foundation for calculating simulated loss limits will change as a result, but the computation of loss limits will not change (it will remain 5% virtual Max Daily Loss/10% virtual Max Loss of the starting account amount after scale-up).

Also, the simulated profit Split Ratio has been raised to 90/10 for Rocket Traders on the scale-up plan. Increased profit split ratio benefits newly scaled-up accounts only, not newly merged accounts into previously scaled-up accounts. The simulated Profit Split ratio will change to 85/15 (default) if you merge a non-scaled-up account with a scaled-up account.

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