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Payouts on Simulated Funded Accounts
Payouts on Simulated Funded Accounts

How much do I get paid from my simulated funded account?

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Payouts on Simulated Funded Account

Most Evaluation Firms will have a starting simulated payout of 75% - 80% or even lower. At Rocket 21, we decided to liftoff our payout to a staggering initial value of 85%!

Besides that if you scale up your account, your simulated payout can go even further! The simulated payout on scaled accounts can reach 90%.

For more details about our scaling plan check this article.

First Payout

Traders are eligible to receive their first payout 30 days after their first trade has been placed on the Rocket 21 Simulated Funded Account.

Future Payouts

After the first payout, traders are eligible to receive future payouts on a bi-weekly basis after their first trade is placed following a payout. To be eligible for a payout, no positions or orders can be open.

Note: Your simulated account will be placed in read-only when your withdrawal request is submitted

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